Why Faith Always Wins

Your faith is like a beacon that shoots straight to heaven. God sees it instantly. The answer might take some time and doing, but you can be sure something is being done.

Faith is when a person believes God’s promises are real, and acts accordingly. The Bible says faith pleases God, and he looks for opportunities to help someone who will believe him. God gives many promises in the Bible. All of them are like checks he’s written out and signed. They are available to you and me, and God wants us to cash them.

But, it can be a fight! It may seem like your situation will never change, or people might be against you. The devil can make you feel like God doesn’t love you. You might be facing an internal struggle you don’t have the strength to beat. Sometimes it can be so hard to just wake up in the morning.

Faith can beat it all. Faith will always win. The reason is that God ALWAYS answers faith. He runs to rescue you. He loves to be strong for his kids.

The important thing to realize is that God will bring the answer in his time and way. His primary goal isn’t just to remove problems, but to help us grow. Therefore, he often helps us overcome struggles, rather than take them away.

No matter where you are or what’s going on, you can choose faith. That’s a choice that can never be wrong. Read the Bible, and find out what God’s promises are. In the middle of your struggle you can stand on the promise and know God sees your faith that moment.

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