The Satanic, Cowardly, and Anti-Biblical Nature of Side B Theology

For those of you who don’t already know, there’s a new theology in town. Side B: a comfortable, easy, and embarrassment-free way to reconcile our modern understanding of sexuality and the Bible. No more awkward conversations at parties. No more suffering reproach for the name of Christ. No more looking like the stuffy old evangelical with outdated beliefs. Now you can look sophisticated, intellectual, reasonable, and progressive. All you have to do is assert that it’s not a sin, or the result of sin to be gay, so long as you don’t go out and be gay. Got it? That it’s okay to be gay – that a gay identity is something to be embraced, celebrated and paraded around as a wonderful gift from God… so long as its not acted out upon. (Basically just gayness without the anus)

Dear brothers and sisters, if you are a Christian you cannot believe this lie. Do not be deceived by this evil and false teaching from the pit of hell.

When closely examined, this kind of thinking falls apart. What is a gay Christian? A Christian who commits adultery in the heart with people of the same sex. In this case, why can’t there be an incest Christian? Why can’t there be a bestiality Christian? Or why can’t there be a pedophile Christian? No dear friends! Sexual sin in the heart is a vile and disgusting evil in the face of a holy and righteous God. It is to be repented of and grieved over with bitter weeping. It is not to be embraced. It is not to be celebrated. It is not to be respected. Our identity is in Christ, not in sin.

As men and women who struggle with pedophilia (and I want to emphasize the word struggle), we long for the day when Christ returns and does away with sin. We long for the day when the mortal is consumed by the immortal. We long for the day when this earthly tent of flesh is cast aside and we become a pure spiritual body. And from the depths of our souls with groaning we join the Holy Spirit and cry aloud “Come Lord Jesus, Come!”

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