Take Care This Christmas

Christmas can be a very difficult time for many of us. There are a lot of changes. Presents to buy and wrap, parties to attend (usually with alcohol), time off work, and then there’s the post-Christmas weight gain. Ugh! Amidst periods of business, there can be long spells of boredom where we can find our minds wandering as we reflect on the year that has passed. For some this can be comforting, looking back over seasons of providence and fruitful labor. For others however, this can be very distressing.

Sometimes God gives us hard years where it can seem like almost nothing was accomplished. I’ve had a lot of years like this it seems. In these times it can be difficult to trust that God knows what he’s doing. But please rest assured, that God does know what he’s doing. No suffering is wasted. God is incredibly careful in the discipline of his children. He never disciplines us out of anger or frustration, but uses everything to gently guide us towards holiness, to install in us all the heavenly virtues, and prepare us for heaven.

So please, take care this Christmas. And rightfully rejoice that at this time a Savior was born to us, one who would later pay the price for our sins out of his overflowing love and kindness towards us.

Before I go, I wanted to share a song with you. It’s a beautiful Christmas piano melody that I’ve come to cherish over the years. Here is the link:

God Bless.

Trent Matthew.

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