Trent’s Top 10 Christian Books

1.The Bible I’ve read this book several times and I’m still learning new things and being challenged. There’s nothing worse than those ‘super spiritual’ Christians who don’t even know their Bible. Don’t be one of these. Read your Bible. 2. John Bunyan ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ You probably already own this book, and have already read it, but I couldn’t leave it … Read more

Trent’s Favorite Preachers

In the days of church growth and inclusivity, it can be difficult to find a church that simply preaches the Word of God faithfully, since in order to be inclusive and inviting to all, it is necessary for core convictions to take a back seat, or be thrown out of the vehicle altogether. Truth is, and always will be exclusive. … Read more

Reflections On Tokyo Ghoul

A number of years ago, I was really into an anime called Tokyo Ghoul. It was one of those things that just spoke so deeply to what I was going through; the internal battles, the secrecy, the shame and anguish… All these powerful themes come out so strongly. The show is almost a perfect metaphor for someone struggling with pedophilia. … Read more

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