Virtuous Pedophiles
An online community of pedophiles who are committed to never harming a child (over 700 members).  Members share about the experience of living daily life with pedophilia.  Topics include research, requests for support, and ordinary discussion. Explicit conversation or materials are prohibited/moderated. The website also includes an expanded resource section.
Founder, Gary Gibson, has put a lot of effort into reaching out to pedophiles and identifying Mental Health Professionals who are empathetic. He is also a Christian, and makes himself available by phone.

Troubled Desire (Project Dunkelfeld)
An outreach program in Germany that provides counseling and support services to people attracted to minors.  The program works to bring the struggles of pedophiles/hebephiles out into the open, and to help these individuals cope with their attraction so as to never harm children.  The program is country wide and has a high level of voluntary participation.  Unfortunately, it is the only one of it’s kind.

Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) Fresno
CoSA is a treatment model for high risk sex offenders.  The core member (offender) is given support by a small group of volunteers who partner with him or her as helpers, friends, and surrogate family.  CoSA began in Canada when a small church reached out to an offender who was seen as a danger by the community.  There are several CoSA programs in the United States, and worldwide.

God’s Design for Sex
Glenn Stanton offers a beautiful and compelling picture of what God’s intention is for sex. He also describes how male and female together best reflect God’s image, and that relationship and intimacy are part of human experience, because that is how God is within himself. Also, that marriage represents two distinct personalities becoming one on every level – an act of God – that foreshadows the consummation between Christ and his Bride.

Dr. Robert Gagnon
Dr. Gagnon is a professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. He has extensively researched what the Bible says about sexuality, and the surrounding historical context. Dr. Gagnon specifically addresses homosexual practice, but in so doing, he develops a positive framework of what God’s intention is for us as sexual beings. Although there are many counterarguments and proponents of differing views, Dr. Gagnon’s conclusions are compelling and require an answer. His website includes several videos and texts. The video series entitled, “7-part series on the Bible and Homosexual Practice (6/13)”, gives a thorough summary of his position. These videos are also posted on YouTube as playlist here.

From the Heart


When Other Christians Only See Me as a Pedophile
Mitchell Danielson shares how he’s learned to cope when others, even Christians, can’t see past the fact that he’s a pedophile. Even though Mitchell is committed to honoring God and not harming children, he’s had to learn how to respond to peoples’ reactions in a way that is understanding toward them and healthy for himself.

A Coming out That Has to Remain a Secret
A transcript of an interview with a Mom, Dad, and their 23 year old son Cody. Four weeks prior, Cody finally made the decision to tell his parents that he’s attracted to boys. They live in the Netherlands, and the transcript was published in April 2016.

Shadows Project Gallery
A collection of artistically prepared, autobiographical snippets submitted by pedophiles who are committed to not offending, and who wish to share their perspective.

Sy Rogers’ Testimony
Sy Rogers is has been in Christian ministry around the world for more than thirty years. Here, he gives his story of coming out of a broken childhood, his anxious years as a teenager, and living a determined gay lifestyle. He talks about crushed identity, rejection everywhere, and resentment, but then, how God met him in the privacy of his bedroom. Sy explains that life and sexuality is not about being this or that way, but walking forward with a Heavenly Father who loves you. He then talks about divine mercies, healing, and unanticipated dreams.

Rosie’s Story – From a Survivor of Abuse
Renée asked to share this story. It is a fictionalized account of the abuse she experienced. Warning: It is disturbing and graphic. She includes an author’s note at the end.

For Pastors

“Dear Pastor” A Letter From a Christian Pedophile
Trent Matthew shares his gripping story. Written as an open letter to Christian ministers, Trent details how his Pastor walked alongside him from a frightful beginning to a hopeful outlook. Sometimes, there’s no one else willing to help.

Interview Between Trent and His Pastor (Audio)
Trent sits down with his pastor for a candid interview. He asks him to describe how he first felt when Trent shared that he was struggling with minor attraction. They go on to explore the events and feelings of the following year, as both navigated the issues of Trent’s continued involvement with the church, accusation from the state, despair, and ultimately finding the way through it all.

A Prayer Against Temptation
A prayer that each of us has sent to God in one way or another.