Pedophilia: What is it to you?

There was a recent article in BBC’s future section about people enduring trauma titled, The Secrets of Extraordinary Survivors. It shares the experiences of a political activist who was tortured by soldiers, and how she is reclaiming life. It also examines how people respond to disastrous events, such as the 1953 earthquake in Greece and the London subway bombing. The question is asked, why do some survivors seem to pick up the pieces and move forward with new energy, while others remain fixated on the past?

According to the psychologists who aided in the aftermath of these events, people were more likely to cope with the trauma if they gave it personal meaning. If a survivor was able to include the experience in his or her life story, and anticipate what the future might hold, they were much less likely to have lasting PTSD symptoms. Those who were unable to find resolution for their loss and felt life was disjointed were more likely to remain focused on the trauma and suffer mental illness. But with help, even those who had severe symptoms of PTSD were able to recover significantly by re-framing their traumatic experience into a meaningful personal narrative.I believe this is very significant for people who are minor attracted. Some may have experienced a degree of trauma trying to cope with pedophilia. It’s usually unwelcome, which can make it feel like it’s been forced. Also, there are often periods of intense self-hate and depression, especially when it’s first discovered. The individual may feel hopeless and unequipped when facing temptation, and most pedophiles feel isolated and hated (even if they have never offended). Altogether, the experience of pedophilia can be traumatic, and lead to a disjointed, fixated life if a person isn’t able to re-frame it in a positive way.

What is pedophilia to you? It’s very important to find meaning and purpose within you own life story, and where pedophilia fits in. This can help you escape the pitfalls of despair and rumination, courage to fight isolation, and give you reasons to reach for the future. Also, it will help you make strong decisions about how you want to act toward children. The choice to find meaning in our struggles creates the opportunity to re-articulate our lives.

I believe that a Christian pedophile has good reason for meaning in life. First, no matter what a person’s condition, he or she always has an opportunity to honor God. It is very exceptional to honor God with you sexuality as a pedophile. This means obeying what it says in the Bible, not ever harming a child, and trusting Jesus’ promise that he can give you an abundant life in spite of it all. If you and I must bear some suffering because of the struggle with pedophilia, remember that it is suffering for Jesus. Second, a Christian pedophile can expect a victorious life. God is not stumped by pedophilia. If you walk daily with Jesus, he will lead you to victory in all things! Be warned… personal growth required. But, you can expect your life to be a wonderful story with a great finish.

The BBC article calls it “post-traumatic growth” when a person gives meaning to trauma, and re-articulates their life. This opportunity is available for every minor attracted person.

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