God’s Determined to Keep His Promises

The Bible says we have a hope that is the “anchor of our soul”. (Heb. 6:19) What is that hope? It’s none other than the person of God… his character, passion, and actions. Our hope is in a person! We’re not just following some force of nature, karma, or rules to live by. There’s actually someone there.

What is God like? If he were horrible, we’d be in a world of hurt, but he’s not. He always chooses to love, even when we deserve punishment. He always upholds the truth, even when it cost him death on a cross to save us. And, he is faithful. God always keeps his promises. Jesus said that heaven and earth would have to disappear before any of God’s promises would (and remember, Jesus was God himself born as a human; Matt. 24:35). That means we can be completely confident that God will do what he has said.

If God has promised you something, he will shake the whole earth to make it happen. The Bible says that God does not lie, and he does not slack off. No matter what’s going on in your life, God will make his promises come true. No humans can stop him, not the devil, and not any “special” situations. God follows through.

You just have to take him up on his promises. God offers us his promises, but if you and me don’t take him up on them, they won’t happen for us. We have to discover what God actually says in the Bible, and then take it to him. Explain to God that he made such and such promise, and you would like that for yourself. Also, that you are trusting him to do it.

Remember, it’s a relationship between you and God. Talk to him like you would a loving father. Trust that he loves you, and wants good for you. Also, obey what he tells you to do. God often asks us to do something, and then he promises to do something. For example, Jesus said that if we will seek God first and foremost, he would take care of our needs. Also, if we will follow his lead, he will guide our lives in a good way. It’s a two-way street between you and God; if you will listen to him, he will follow through for you.

Don’t be discouraged! Remember how God promises to do what he’s said, even if people, the devil, and situations try to stop him? For your part, you can’t let those things stop you from trusting him. If you stop trusting God, it’s like a child letting go of their father’s hand – you two can’t go any farther together.

So, keep trusting him! Hold on to him, keep obeying what he says, and don’t worry about the rest. Even if it takes a while, remember God has it all in his hands. Also, let him do it his own way. Sometimes, we want God to hurry up and use our solution. The truth is that God sees a much bigger picture, and he will figure out the best solution for our good (remember that he wants us to grow through our challenges).

Your Father in heaven loves you, and will shake this whole world if it means keeping his promises to you. “The foundations of the world were laid bare at your rebuke, Oh Lord… He sent from on high, He took me; He drew me out of many waters. He delivered me from my strong enemy.” (Ps. 18: 15b-17a)

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