Is God Still God if People are “Born” with Atypical Sexual Attraction?

Pedophiles are people who have a sexual attraction to minors. Can this be changed through treatment or therapy? It’s becoming more accepted that a person’s sexual attraction is a result of their brain’s wiring, and is influenced by their life experiences. It seems evident that a person doesn’t choose their sexual make-up; they simply experience it and decide how they’ll … Read more

God’s Determined to Keep His Promises

The Bible says we have a hope that is the “anchor of our soul”. (Heb. 6:19) What is that hope? It’s none other than the person of God… his character, passion, and actions. Our hope is in a person! We’re not just following some force of nature, karma, or rules to live by. There’s actually someone there. What is God … Read more

Pedophilia: What is it to you?

There was a recent article in BBC’s future section about people enduring trauma titled, The Secrets of Extraordinary Survivors. It shares the experiences of a political activist who was tortured by soldiers, and how she is reclaiming life. It also examines how people respond to disastrous events, such as the 1953 earthquake in Greece and the London subway bombing. The … Read more

Why Faith Always Wins

Your faith is like a beacon that shoots straight to heaven. God sees it instantly. The answer might take some time and doing, but you can be sure something is being done. Faith is when a person believes God’s promises are real, and acts accordingly. The Bible says faith pleases God, and he looks for opportunities to help someone who … Read more

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