The Time of Love
Bismarck shares his personal journey away from the voice of temptation on the forums in an urgent search for what the Bible has to say about pedophilia and sexual purity. He reviews what God says, and then appeals our humanity.

When Other Christians Only See Me as a Pedophile
Mitchell shares how he’s learned to cope when others, even Christians, can’t see past the fact that he experiences pedophilia. Even though Mitchell is committed to honoring God and not harming children, he’s had to learn how to respond to peoples’ reactions in a way that is understanding toward them and healthy for himself.

Rosie’s Story – From a Survivor of Abuse
Renée asked to share this story. It is a fictionalized account of the abuse she experienced. Warning: It is disturbing and graphic. She includes an author’s note at the end.

Interview Between Trent and His Pastor (Audio)
Trent sits down with his pastor for a candid interview. He asks him to describe how he first felt when Trent shared that he was struggling with minor attraction. They go on to explore the events and feelings of the following year, as both navigated the issues of Trent’s continued involvement with the church, accusation from the state, despair, and ultimately finding the way through it all.

“Dear Pastor” A Letter From a Christian Pedophile
Trent Matthew shares his gripping story. Written as an open letter to Christian ministers, Trent details how his Pastor walked alongside him from a frightful beginning to a hopeful outlook. Sometimes, there’s no one else willing to help.

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