I was over at a friend’s the other day. He’s a real gamer, and we like to talk as if we are tasteful critics. Well, each of us has in fact devoted enough hours of study in the field of video games to be doctorate level. But, that day he was showing me a game that was drawn anime style, … Read more

Facing It Like A Boss

I recently came across a blog post by a Gal who really inspired me. She is facing Bipolar Disorder, and learning to fly above the waves. Certainly, the pitfalls and strategies for Bipolar are much different than for Pedophilia. But perspective and attitude count for a whole lot. Kelsey shares some practical advice about self care, but weaved throughout is … Read more

The Hope Set Before Us

Pedophilia is a daily struggle. There are always feelings that go in the wrong direction, and you’re faced with the choice of where to let your mind go. The decision to honor God with your sexuality is a daily victory. Daily victories are good, because together, they equal a lifetime of victory. However, it’s easy to get weary in the … Read more

A Letter From a Survivor

This letter was originally posted in our Discussion area. Thank you K. K – I am a survivor of child molestation. I cannot explain how angry I am that children are exposed to sexual abuse, at the fact that there are children in pornography and prostitution – that there is even a market for it. At the back of my … Read more

When a Kid Comes on to You

The following is a selection from the article A Pedophile’s Darkest Hour – Pitfalls & Strategies. This might be the single most difficult trial a pedophile can face. Yes, it can happen – a kid might want to be sexual with you. Sometimes, a child has gone through experiences that have made them “sexually reactive”. What that means is that … Read more

He Fell For a Boy

I was recently talking with a friend of mine, who is also a pedophile. We were discussing how awful it is to fall in love with a child, only to recognize that it can’t lead anywhere good. That happened to him as a counselor at summer camp. He fell for a boy. Nothing inappropriate transpired. No one would have known … Read more

Our Reason: Sexuality “Holy” to God

Sexuality has always been a defining issue in society. Just think about the difference between the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated and the Hijab worn by Muslim women. Human cultures have handled sexuality in so many different ways. Even in modern times, the variance is shocking. It has been reported that the Irish society living on Inis Beag is one … Read more

What Does God Think About Me?

Be still and quiet for a moment, and ask yourself, “What does God think about me?” Maybe your stomach gets knotted up. You imagine that God must surely disapprove of you, and has all sorts of judgments against you. It’s discouraging. You already dislike yourself, and so it’s better not to think about God. I know the feeling. Have you … Read more

Piggyback Rides with Jesus on My High Places

The other day I was talking with a friend who struggles with a gambling addiction. He said, “I’m doing ok now, but I can’t promise that I won’t ever gamble again. I’d just be lying to myself.” That really got me thinking. Can we ever really be free of our struggles? At our best, are we just putting off our … Read more

Boundaries: Stay Out, Stay Alive

“A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” – Prov. 22:3 NLT There is a hydroelectric dam down by the river where I live, and it’s so interesting to walk the footpath along the riverbank. On the low side of the dam, the water cascades in plumes of white foam into … Read more

Afflictions of the Righteous

Psalm 34:19 – “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.” This verse gives us such comfort and promise, and is full of meaning. It seems that every Christian pedophile I’ve talked to believes that God is mad at them simply because they are attracted to minors. Not true! Remember what Psalm 22:24 … Read more

Evil Present with Me

There are many times I’ve been discouraged in my day to day journey. Just when I’m excited with how far I’ve come or how well I’m doing, suddenly I’m brought to my knees. It’s funny how this can happen after feeling spiritually strong. Maybe I was reading the Bible and felt so close to God, and then an hour later … Read more

Will I Always Be the Same? (When Temptation Strikes)

A good friend of mine asked a great question: “I know I shouldn’t lust after them, but is there a way I can stop wanting to lust after them?” I totally get that! You know, sometimes I find myself getting discouraged when faced with temptation again and again. Shouldn’t I be over this by now? But, I still get those … Read more

God’s Love for a Pedophile

“I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” (Ps. 27:13) I’m a Pedophile. How can I figure a way through this? Researchers say the wires are crossed in my brain. The social worker wants me to focus on goals and avoid problematic behavior. Society simply … Read more

New Picture for a Pedophile

I said, “My life is in a hundred pieces,” A puzzle broken apart by shame and anxiety; I meant to work the picture to perfection, But this bent attraction – more than anything, Has left all a jumble, and I can find no remedy. In the darkest places God whispers, “You’re in my hands; I’ve caught all the pieces; Dear … Read more

God Loves Pedophiles – Top Two Questions

The question I get asked most is, “Is God mad at me, because I’m a pedophile.” My answer is always no, no, NO! Being attracted to minors is a physiological condition, just like any other. It’s a life-challenge that a few people face, but everyone faces challenges in life. God isn’t mad at anyone because they struggle. Instead, he says, … Read more

God’s Determined to Keep His Promises

The Bible says we have a hope that is the “anchor of our soul”. (Heb. 6:19) What is that hope? It’s none other than the person of God… his character, passion, and actions. Our hope is in a person! We’re not just following some force of nature, karma, or rules to live by. There’s actually someone there. What is God … Read more

Pedophilia: What is it to you?

There was a recent article in BBC’s future section about people enduring trauma titled, The Secrets of Extraordinary Survivors. It shares the experiences of a political activist who was tortured by soldiers, and how she is reclaiming life. It also examines how people respond to disastrous events, such as the 1953 earthquake in Greece and the London subway bombing. The … Read more

Why Faith Always Wins

Your faith is like a beacon that shoots straight to heaven. God sees it instantly. The answer might take some time and doing, but you can be sure something is being done. Faith is when a person believes God’s promises are real, and acts accordingly. The Bible says faith pleases God, and he looks for opportunities to help someone who … Read more

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