A Prayer Against Temptation

Father God,

Tired and worn down I find myself in the midst of temptation; a baron wasteland of dust and ash with my adversary standing before me ten feet tall.

I confess that until now I have fought in my own strength

Without calling for divine assistance

Without putting on properly the full armour of God

Without recognizing that the battle and the victory is yours

Helpless I cry to you for help O God of my salvation.

Though my heart veers to the left, turn it to the right

Though my soul curls inward, bend it outward

Though my gaze is earthward, lift it heavenward

And may I see Jesus in blazing glory

Risen from the dead

Seated at the right hand of the Father

Surrounded by all the host of heaven

May I never forget that many are watching and that I do not stand alone.

Therefore, I call on all the powers of heaven for my aid. I ask the spirit of Jesus to

Fill me

Guide me

Strengthen me

To give me a spine of steel and a face of flint

To be a shield of power on every side

To make ready my advance by faith

To put fear into my adversary

To raise me to higher levels of grace

To kill my sin and see it slain at my feet.

For if I do not kill my sin, my sin will certainly kill me.

Hard pressed against this cliff I choose to stand and fight. So by your grace

May I feel a new strength rise within me like the morning sun

May my heart overflow with the joy of promised victory

May my eyes shine beams of hope

And may my fingers lay hold of my sleeping sword as I look my enemy in the eye.

And so, now on bended knee and with arms raised high,

may I rise with all the fullness of Christ,

all the forces of heaven,

and all the church beside me and above me,

to a great and glorious battle cry,

and boldly shout:


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