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We are Christians who also happen to be pedophiles. We have an unwanted and involuntary attraction to children, but we have decided to obey Christ and not act according to those feelings. In no way do we condone sexual involvement with children. It is inherently harmful and is not what God wants for our sexuality.

We are God's kids too, and we know that he loves us. God isn't stumped by pedophilia. He's able to lead us to the victory Jesus won on the cross. He can bless us, and make our lives wonderful stories.

Finding a Way Blog

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  • The Hope Set Before Us

    Pedophilia is a daily struggle. There are always feelings that go in the wrong direction, and you’re faced with the choice of where to let your mind go. The decision to honor God with your …
  • A Letter From a Survivor

    This letter was originally posted in our Discussion area. Thank you K. K – I am a survivor of child molestation. I cannot explain how angry I am that children are exposed to sexual abuse, …

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